How To Move a Tree Without Killing It in Birmingham, AL

We’ve all been in a position where we want to move a tree but are unsure how to do so. While trees may seem sturdy enough, transplant shock is a real danger and can hurt even the most healthy of specimens if we aren’t careful. If you want to learn more about how to move a tree without killing it, consider listening to East Coast Arbor Pro, which offers premium tree services in Birmingham, on how to do so safely.

how to move a tree without killing it

Moving a Tree Without Harm: Is It Possible for Your Species?

When it comes to transplanting trees safely, the biggest factor you need to contend with is the tree’s size. Diameter and root density both contribute to the likelihood that your tree relocation methods will be successful. Trees that are above a certain height and age are impossible to move from place to place since the older trees get, the more stress relocating them causes. 

If you’re considering transplanting mature trees, it’s important to consult an arborist first. They will know the limits of transplant shock, and if it’s feasible to try and transplant your tree at all. If there are buildings nearby or a canopy to contend with, the job may be too complex for a homeowner to attempt alone. If the tree is too old, consider leaving it where it is and planting a brand new tree in your desired area instead, if your placement situation allows.

How To Move a Tree Without Killing It: Tree Preservation Techniques

When safely relocating trees, the most important part is preparing the transplant site. This is because transplant shock is highly likely if precautions aren’t taken. The site that you transplant your tree to makes all the difference, especially with the care that you give the tree after it settles into its new home.

To keep trees healthy after you transplant them, we recommend some of the following preventative measures:

  • Provide space for roots: When transplanting, ensure that your hole is at least three times as big as the roots you’re planting.
  • Generously water the site: Keep the tree hydrated as it settles in so that it has plenty of opportunity to grow in the wet, movable soil.
  • Don’t use fertilizer: While it may sound tempting to fertilize your tree to help it grow, transplanting is about settling and growing roots, not gaining new height or buds. Fertilizers can hinder more than help in this case.

Trust the Tree Experts at East Coast Arbor Pro

Now that you know how to move a tree without killing it, why not trust all of your tree questions to East Coast Arbor Pro? When you’re wondering who to call when a tree falls, East Coast Tree Pro is here to serve you in Birmingham, Alabama, and surrounding areas. To ask us about how we can help you, dial 205-308-8270. We’d be happy to discuss all your tree-related questions; just reach out to us.

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