Who To Call When a Tree Falls in Your Yard in Birmingham

No matter how well you take care of your trees, they’ll often fall for various reasons like old age, disease, and extreme weather conditions. Have you ever paused to think about who to call when a tree falls in your yard? 

Knowing what to do immediately after a tree falls on your property can help prevent further damage. In this blog post, the most reputable tree removal experts in Birmingham share with you the critical steps to take when a dead or dying tree falls near your home.

who to call when a tree falls in your yard

Safety First: Assess the Damage From a Distance

Immediately after a tree comes down, you need to assess the situation, starting with the space you’re in. Did the room shake, or did the lights go out? If so, then the tree likely hit a power line. 

If possible, look out the window to see the situation in your yard. You don’t have to see the tree, but you want to ensure you have a safe place to go if you must evacuate. 

If your home hasn’t suffered significant damage, you can go to a place where you can see the fallen tree. This is also a good opportunity to assess any other trees that might be at risk, considering factors like how much can a tree lean without falling. Be careful not to get too close to the tree.

What if a tree falls on your house? In that case, it’s best to evacuate, even if you don’t see any visible damage. Wind and rain can push on the tree, creating a hole in your roof, and this can be hazardous. If the fallen tree has injured anyone, don’t hesitate to call 911. 

Call a Tree Removal Service Near You

Once you ensure your property and everyone is safe, call a nearby reputable fallen tree removal company. Certified tree removal services often have a professionally trained team that can safely and efficiently handle your fallen tree. 

If the tree has fallen on a power line, don’t delay calling your local utility company. To be safe, you should treat all downed power lines as live. The utility company will safely remove the tree and repair the lines free of charge!

If you suspect the fallen tree can potentially cause a fire, call the local fire department before you reach out to the utility company about downed power lines. 

Call Your Homeowner Insurance Company

We can’t forget about your insurance company when talking about who to call when a tree falls in your yard. Once you talk to the tree removal service, be sure to ring your insurance company and inform them about the incident. 

Tell them your location and the extent of the damage. Provide as many details as possible while itemizing your damaged possessions. 

Contact Your Local Tree Experts for Assistance

Now that you know who to call when a tree falls in your yard, talk to the professionals at McDaniel Tree Experts if you need a reliable fallen tree removal service in Birmingham, AL. Call us at (205) 308-8270 for your free estimate or to learn about how long it takes for tree roots to decay today!

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