Cutting Down a Leaning Tree: Why You Need Help From the Pros

If you plan to cut down a leaning tree, you need to consider if doing the job without professional assistance is really worthwhile. While you can complete many household tasks, something as major as cutting down leaning trees is a job best left to the trained experts. 

We’ll go over the risks of DIY leaning tree removal, reasons why calling a professional for tree removal services is best, and what the process of cutting down a leaning tree looks like. After reading, you can contact our tree removal company in Birmingham, Alabama, to schedule services.

Why Leaning Trees Are Potentially Dangerous 

When trees lean too heavily to one side, they will eventually break and fall, either immediately or in several months or years. 

Depending on where the tree resides, it could collapse on a car, home, or power line, creating an extreme hazard or leading to damage or severe injury. This serious situation requires specialized equipment and a lot of physical labor, often requiring multiple people to complete the job.

When choosing when to remove a tree, any tree favoring one side and at risk of colliding with people, buildings, and other obstacles should point to prompt removal. Avoid spending a fortune dealing with the consequences of a fallen tree or someone getting hurt by cutting it down. 

Reasons Why Tree Professionals Are Best for Cutting a Leaning Tree

Consider the three most compelling reasons to hire a licensed and experienced professional for cutting down a leaning tree:

They Have Safety Training and Equipment

Cutting down trees safely is perhaps the most essential part of the job. Professionals have specialized gear, equipment, and tools to handle tree removal jobs, big or small. 

DIY efforts may see the average person getting too ambitious or confident in their skills and getting hurt. Don’t run the risk of injuring yourself and others by trying to save some money. 

They Decrease Chances of Property Damage

Trees are less likely to fall on a house, car, or person when trained professionals properly plan and complete the job.

They Help Property Owners Save Time, Money, and Stress

Cutting down a large tree requires time and effort that a property owner might not have. Delegating the task can save more money and stress while prioritizing safety.

The Tree Cutting Process

The typical steps for properly removing a leaning tree include the following:

  • Tree specialists will trim any lower limbs and branches to prevent injuries.
  • A professional cuts the notch on one side of the tree where they want it to fall. 
  • After starting the felling cut, the cutter will add a felling wedge to prevent a stuck saw.
  • Someone will make the felling cut, getting themselves and others away from the area as the tree leans and falls.

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