How Long Does It Take for Tree Roots to Decay

Tree roots are one of the last things to decay once you chop down a tree. They can supply stumps with nutrients for several years before succumbing to decomposition. But how long does it take for tree roots to decay?

To help you understand root decay, McDaniel Tree Services created a short guide explaining the process and its duration.

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Root Decay: How Long Does It Take?

Roots are essential for a tree to grow and thrive and provide nearly everything the tree needs to stay healthy and robust. They continue supplying nutrients to the stump well after you chop down the tree and can even grow new shoots years after. However, tree roots don’t live forever and eventually decompose. 

So, how long does it take for tree roots to decay?

Several factors affect tree root decay, making developing an accurate duration estimate difficult. The most prominent factors affecting decay include:

  • Root size
  • Type of tree
  • Environmental conditions

Robust trees with large, durable roots will decay slower than small ones with feeble root systems. Trees in nutrient-rich soil will also take longer to decompose, further complicating the matter.

That said, most tree roots die after five to ten years. However, you can accelerate decomposition with a few tricks.

How to Accelerate Root Decay

Although root decay doesn’t happen overnight, you can speed up the process by allowing the stump to generate new shoots and cutting them off before they fully develop. Let the shoot grow one foot tall before cutting it at the base. Continue the process until the stump stops producing new shoots. 

Most stumps generate shoots for four to five years before the roots run out of resources and die. Although the process takes time, it’s one of the few ways to accelerate root decay naturally. Other acceleration methods include:

  • Drilling holes into the stump and fill them with Epsom or rock salt
  • Splitting the stump in half
  • Keeping the stump dry at all times

You can also contact a professional tree care service to remove the stump and eliminate the roots. McDaniel Tree Services offers exceptional stump removal services throughout Birmingham and will eradicate any unwanted trees from your property for a modest fee.

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