What You Need to Know When Pruning Tall Trees

Pruning tall trees requires expertise and specialized equipment, so it’s usually best to leave it to the professionals. In this post, McDaniel Tree Experts, LLC, your expert provider of tree trimming services in Birmingham. AL, explain what you need to know about pruning trees

Why Consider Pruning Large Trees? 

You shouldn’t approach removing branches lightly. You generally prune away dead tree branches because they’re dangerous. You may also have to trim living branches  for many reasons, including: 

  • Better health by removing broken, diseased, or dying branches
  • Reducing crowded limbs that cross one another
  • To let in more sunlight or improve air circulation at the crown, which can sometimes involve techniques like crown a tree to ensure balanced growth and structure
  • To remove weak branches or excess sprouts
  • For safety reasons, such as when the limbs touch power lines or block your view when you pull out of your driveway
  • To improve clearance under the tree
  • For better flower and fruit production
  • To enhance the overall shape

Should You DIY This Task? 

Smaller branches that you can cut off with loppers should be fine. Just start on the underside of the branch and use sharp, clean implements. When pruning tall trees, be guided by how heavy the branches are. The bigger the branch, the more you need a professional’s help. 

You might also consider hiring experts if you’re pruning outside of the plant’s dormant cycle. Trimming in summer is particularly dangerous as there are more fungal diseases, bacteria, and insects floating around. 

Consider your own safety as well here. Can you climb up a high ladder safely and still take down a heavy branch? Most professionals use heavy machinery due to the weight. There’s also the risk of falling out of the tree, which is why experts take several security precautions. 

The primary problem with DIY is that the limbs can be unwieldy after you cut them. It’s very easy for them to drop onto people or property, causing significant harm. 

When Should You Trim Your Trees? 

As a general rule of thumb, you prune trees in winter when they have no leaves. This makes it easy to see cross branches and the overall infrastructure. This also reduces the amount of sap the tree loses and gives it a chance to recover before the growing season. Trimming trees when they’re dormant also makes it easier to evaluate the structure because there are no leaves. 

The exception is when it comes to trees that bloom during early spring. You can trim these after the buds form but before they blossom. Shade trees are a little easier because you don’t need to worry about affecting the harvest, but you must be careful not to damage them. 

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