Can You Trim Trees in the Summer?

Trees make our homes look more lively and beautiful. To continue enjoying these and more benefits from your trees, you must give them extra loving care. Trimming is one of the ways to keep your trees growing healthy and attractive. 

The best time to prune trees is during the dormant season. But can you trim trees in the summer?

Summertime pruning reduces the number of leaves, translating to less food for the tree’s growth in the next year. Nonetheless, removing a few branches won’t cause much harm, as long as you do it correctly. 

Keep reading to learn more about trimming your trees in the summer, as advised by Birmingham’s expert tree trimming service provider.

can you trim trees in the summer

Reasons To Trim Your Trees in Summer

Though summer isn’t the best time of year to trim your trees, sometimes you can’t avoid it. Here are some of the situations that would necessitate summer tree trimming: 

A Storm Has Damaged Your Tree

Removing damaged limbs immediately after a tumultuous storm is critical. They can fall and injure people or destroy structures. If a summer storm destroys your tree, be sure to trim the affected branches as soon as possible. 

Low-Hanging Limbs Are Creating a Hazard

Is a tree limb hanging so low that you can’t comfortably work under it? Or is it hanging so low that it can damage your roof? In such cases, you have no choice but to trim your tree even during summer. 

Your Trees Has Dead Branches

You should never ignore dead branches. They can fall without warning, causing costly damage. To be safe, trim any dead branch off your tree as soon as you notice it. 

You Want To Reshape a Tree After Trimming by a Utility Company

Utility companies usually don’t care about aesthetics when trimming trees for clearance. If they mutilate the shape of your tree during summer, feel free to reshape it to a more desirable look!

You may opt for DIY trimming to save a few bucks. But hiring a professional will save you a lot of time and stress. 

Trees That Need Summertime Pruning

Can you trim trees in the summer? Yes, but not oak trees and other spring flowering trees. Here are trees that you can safely prune in summer:

  • Fruit trees: You can boost fruit production with proper thinning of blooms and fruits as they set.
  • Sappy hardwoods: It’s best to prune walnut, birch, and maple trees in summer. They usually produce swap when pruned in wintertime or early spring.
  • Evergreen trees: Light trimming, like shearing tips, is okay in summer. However, you should wait until the dormant season to do a major pruning. 

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