Do You Need a Tree Removal Permit in Birmingham, AL?

If you have a tree that you fear compromises your property’s safety or otherwise gets in the way, you might consider getting rid of it altogether. But tree removal regulations vary depending on municipality and state. Do you need a tree removal permit in Birmingham, AL? McDaniel Tree Services, our tree removal company in Alabama, provides the answer. 

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Do You Need a Tree Removal Permit in Birmingham, AL?

Trees often grow into large structures that serve an essential function for the environment surrounding them. Alabama’s state government values its native trees and therefore takes measures to protect them through an exhaustive list of ordinances for tree planting and removal. Do you need a tree removal permit in Birmingham, AL? In most situations, you should obtain one to avoid breaking the law. 

What Situations Require Tree Removal Permits?

There are a few circumstances under which you won’t need a permit to remove an imposing tree. However, you want to make certain that those circumstances apply before cutting down trees without a tree permit. As a property owner, you could incur fines and other penalties without following the permit application process or permit requirements in situations that warrant them. 

Native Tree Species

Alabama regulations protect all native tree species. The state government takes steps to preserve native wildlife which includes plants. You don’t need a removal permit to eliminate invasive species. Unless you have extensive knowledge about tree identification, you should seek advice about any type of tree from a professional before cutting it down. 

Large or Mature Trees

Big trees can cause big problems for property owners. If you try to cut down and remove a large, mature tree by yourself, you could run into problems like severe injuries or property damage. Plus, large trees are often cornerstones of the local environment. Thus, Alabama guidelines may require a removal permit depending on the size of the tree. 

Trees That Could Threaten Property Integrity

Birmingham zoning ordinance paperwork features an exhaustive list of how and where property owners can plant certain trees on their properties, especially when it comes to businesses or public properties. If a tree is close to a building structure or an important stretch of public infrastructure, it may well require a permit for you to remove it. 

When in Doubt…

If you have doubts about:

  • Whether the tree could damage a building or property
  • Whether the tree falls under the category of invasive species
  • Whether the tree is hazardous to fell

Always ask a professional tree removal company. Their experts can determine the safest method for felling the tree and how to require any state permits if needed. Trusting professionals protects you, your property, and your record. 

Don’t Worry About a Tree Removal Permit. Call McDaniel Tree Services Instead!

Do you need a tree removal permit in Birmingham, AL? Don’t take matters into your own hands and guesstimate. Call McDaniel Tree Services at 205-308–8270 for assistance and peace of mind. It’s just one of many reasons to hire a professional tree care worker, especially when dealing with complex tasks like cutting down a leaning tree that requires expertise to ensure safety and precision.

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