Three Reasons Why DIY Tree Trimming Should Not Be an Option

diy tree trimming

You should trim your trees regularly to keep them healthy, beautiful, and safe. You may opt for DIY tree trimming to save a few bucks. But is it worth the risk?

Tree trimming may seem like an easy task. The truth, however, reveals it as a complex process that involves much more than simply lopping dead branches off.

In this blog post, we take a deeper look into why DIY tree trimming isn’t the way to go, as explained by trusted tree trimming experts in Birmingham, AL

You Could Harm Yourself or Damage Property

DIY tree trimming is a risky endeavor. One of the risks includes dealing with situations like when a tree falls in your yard unexpectedly.In 2012 alone, 25 people lost their lives trying to care for their trees, according to the Tree Care Industry. 

But what makes this process so dangerous?

Without professional knowledge and experience, you can’t easily differentiate between rotten or diseased branches and healthy ones. If you step on a rotten branch during trimming, it could snap and cause serious harm to you and your property, which is why it’s important dispose of tree branches properly.

This job involves using sharps tools at elevated heights. As such, it requires special safety measures that may be out of your reach. Established professionals have the tools and safety equipment necessary to safely and efficiently trim trees. 

Improper Trimming Subjects Your Tree to Future Damage

Pruning can put stress on your trees, particularly when done incorrectly and at the wrong time. Below we list common mistakes made when trimming trees, and they could lead to serious damage down the road:

  • Improper cuts: Be sure to make pruning cuts correctly to avoid damaging the tree branches or trunk. Excessively short or long cuts can expose your tree to fungal infection. 
  • Over-pruning: The wounds left after removing branches expose the inner tissues to infection by wood-decaying fungi.
  • Pruning at the wrong time:: You can remove dead branches at any time of the year. But you should go easy on trimming live branches while the tree is still active. 
  • Trimming with no purpose: Do you want to remove dead branches, improve the tree’s shape, or boost fruit production? You should have a clear objective before trimming your trees. This helps prevent unnecessary stress on the tree. 

Certified arborists have the skills and experience to trim a tree outside the branch collar without causing unnecessary stress or damage. 

You Can’t Dispose of the Waste Properly

Large pieces of dead trunks and branches from DIY tree trimming can become an eyesore in your yard. Unfortunately, getting rid of such colossal amounts of green waste can prove difficult. 

Professionals usually bring a woodchipper to quickly turn the unwanted branches into small pieces, which they effortlessly haul away to make mulch.

Contact Your Local Tree Experts for Assistance

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