5 Reasons to Hire a Professional Tree Care Worker

Why should you hire a professional tree care worker? The short answer is that dealing with trees comes with inherent risks. Heavy branches, heights, and the slow healing abilities of trees mean that even the smallest mistake might end in disaster. 

In this post, McDaniel Tree Services, LLC, Birmingham’s professional tree service, discusses the topic in greater detail. 

Why You Should Hire Tree Experts

1. Safety Hazards

Even a simple job like trimming a tree can prove dangerous. You need to climb up on a ladder, wielding a cutting tool. Then you must remove the branch safely, no simple feat considering that gravity dictates that it should come crashing down. 

You must lower it safely to the ground, avoiding harm to people, pets, property, and even power lines. Doing so requires an intimate knowledge of safe work practices and the proper protective equipment. 

2. Efficiency

A tree care worker has several years of experience completing jobs like yours. They have the professional equipment and expertise to finish the work in a fraction of the time it would take you. 

3. Fewer Limitations

Professionals have formal training to understand trees perfectly. They also have access to a range of professional tools like cranes to complete jobs of all sizes. You might not be able to take down that old sycamore tree in your backyard because of its size, but they can. 

4. Expertise

Trees take a long time to grow, so mistakes you make now can have a lasting impact. For example, accidentally topping a tree may kill it or stunt its growth for several years. A tree care worker understands how to identify diseases, pest damage, and signs of distress. 

They can create a workable strategy to help your tree recover as quickly as possible. They can also implement a maintenance plan to keep your trees in optimal condition. 

5. A Range of Services

Arborists offer a wide range of services relating to different types of trees. Few people appreciate just how much these professionals can do. They can assist with: 

    • Annual pruning and tree trimming to foster growth and shape your trees.
    • Understanding why a tree is putting in a lackluster performance.
    • Identifying dead or dying trees and determining if they are a hazard.
    • Removing trees that are beyond help or in the way.
    • Stump grinding or removal.
    • Bracing limbs or cabling double trunks to add strength.
    • Disease and pest control for the good health of your tree and any surrounding it.
    • Aerating compacted soil to give the roots room to breathe.
    • Consulting on legal issues related to your trees, like your liability if your tree damages the sidewalk. 
    • Tree protection during renovations.
    • Feeding your trees and ensuring they have enough water.
    • Tree transplantation for better positioning and health.
    • Selecting and planting trees.
    • Emergency care. 

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